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B_Dodi design is a UK based leather and jewelry designer who specializes in 3D printing, a fashion accessories line with a unisex and fetish feel. Her Designs have a luxurious boudoir edge in a subtle, eclectic and innovative way with the use of special techniques such as 3D printing.

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3D Printed Jewelry

Look Great on your next event

Perfect For All Sizes

You will look fantastic with our designs

Premium Leather

Our Designs are made with quality leather

Make Your Style Stand Out

You will feel and look great in our custom designs!


Customize your look with style

Styles that turn heads

Accessories with style that will impress you

Knot Leather Neck-Wear and Studded Stretch Leather Mini-Skirt

Leather Designs

Nefertiti Laser-Cut Leather Collar Feat and 3D Printed Brass Python Skull

Leather Clothing

Nefertiti and Knot Top

Leather Accessories

Knot Leather Neck-Wear and Studded Stretch Leather Mini-Skirt

3D Printed Designs

Spine Corset 3D printed

3D Designs

Knot Neck-Wear Detail

3D Designs

Serpentine Ear-Cuff

3D Accessories

Serpentine Necklace White 3D Printed Nylon