Serpentine 3d printed necklace

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Serpentine 3d printed necklace

£150.00 £130.00

embellished with Swarovski Black diamonds


‘Shout your Uniqueness Loud, wear a Serpentine necklace!’

The serpentine neck_wear is a unisex design and it is B_Dodi signature piece.

The collection is called ‘Serpentinomorpho’, where 3D printed jewellery and leather bespoke accessories create a synergy of love. It conveys a tribal yet dark mood, featuring bones and skeletal shapes as main design elements.

Serpentine necklace is avant-garde yet elegant, you can wear it on a black evening gown or on a’little black dress’ as well as on a tee and a pair of sleek trousers on a working day.
I love to style it with a black tracksuit and a pair of high heeled boots.

The Serpentine necklace is entirely designed and manufactured in UK.
It is made out of Nylon (also called Polyamide) using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology. Built layer upon layer from a nylon powder that hardens under a laser beam on a 3D printer building tray.

The necklace is:
-flexible, you can bend it without breaking it
-very resistant
-very lightweight
-features a tiny stone on top of the skull


Tip: You can wear it also as headpiece!